LaFunke (pronounced La “fun-kee”) Brewing Co. was founded by Steve LaFlam and Jen Bunke, husband and wife team that love craft beer as much as they love each other. The name LaFunke itself grew out of the marriage of their last names and the rest is ‘Funke’ history.

Beer (good and bad) has been a constant in Steve and Jen’s lives. Growing up, Steve’s father served in the Air Force and his military career took the family to Germany where Steve developed an appreciation for brewing.  Later, as he was beginning his own career in the Air Force, Steve began homebrewing.  Over 20 years later, Steve has an unrelenting passion for creating beer for others to enjoy.  Jen began her love affair with beer when she tasted her first true Hefeweizen while attending the University of Montana.  Ever since that fateful day, Jen has been an ardent supporter of craft breweries and the proliferation of high quality craft beer.

Steve and Jen moved to Central Texas in 2013 and quickly recognized the opportunity to expand the craft beer offerings.  LaFunke Brewing Co. was created out of this and now Steve and Jen are ready to take a risk, step back from their corporate gigs and follow their brewing dreams.

For Steve and Jen, it’s all about “Brewthenticity”, brewing beer authentically and creating an environment where every person can be themselves.  They are passionate about making beer that you want to drink, not making the trendy beer of the day.  Their beer offerings are created based on your tastes and preferences and they thrive on the feedback of others to make the best beer possible. LaFunke Brewing Co. is the fulfillment of Steve and Jen’s dream to bring people together in the shared enjoyment of craft beer.

LaFunke Brewing Co. will begin construction in 2018. We’re excited to share our brewing journey with you. Keep checking back for updates!